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Hope for Haiti
In His Hands has committed to building an orphan village in Haiti to house children in need to food, shelter, and schooling. We are currently raising money to purchase 7 acres of land. Please watch our VIDEO about this amazing project. Sam and Jessica Jakaitis are currently overseeing the project in Haiti. Please consider helping us finish this amazing project. Once finished, the village will care for over 100 orphans. Help us reach our goal by donating here.

Home Renovation for Orphans Partnership
Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association is generously giving a home to In His Hands Orphans Outreach to renovate, thereby renovating the Enos Park Neighborhood while all proceeds from the home will be used to purchase designated land in Haiti for Orphan homes.  The mission of both non-profit organizations will be realized from this partnership through the principle of Neighborhood Transformation (NT).  NT is a strategy which helps churches minister in a holistic manner to people in urban poor neighborhoods. It empowers people to take responsibility for their own lives. It helps neighbors to help their neighbors and moves them from welfare and relief to empowerment. 

In his Hands, through its volunteers, will complete the home renovation by leveraging the skills, assets and resources of Rochester Christian Church members, church partnerships, willing Enos Park neighbors, skilled professionals and numerous community partnerships.  The project will be supervised by skilled, certified trades professionals to restore this historic home resulting in a completely renovated, single family home. 

PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  How can YOU Partner in this project?

  • Ÿ  VOLUNTEERS - Need skilled laborers.  Immediate need of certified HVAC, Roofer (licensed), Electrician, and Plumbers to assist in overseeing the projects and obtaining needed City building/inspection permits.  While all material and permit costs may be paid for by the Non-profit, all labor must be donated per regulations.  
  • Ÿ  VOLUNTEERS of any background needed  to assist teams in organizing the project, bringing on partners for needed materials, donations, and volunteer labor.
  • Ÿ  DONATIONS:  donations whether monetary, gift cards from lumber/hardware stores or hard materials are all 501(c)(3) tax deductible.  We have detailed lists of material needs for each project/room of this home.

Contact Stephanie Barton for more information. 

Orphans in China
Orphans in China are in serious need of a place to rest their heads while they sleep. Solid wood bunk beds that will last for years can be constructed for only $250.00

Those same children are allowed to eat out once a year at McDonald's. Also, they are given a single present at Christmas. Ten dollars covers the expense of both. 

Would you consider purchasing a bunk bed or meal and present for a fatherless child? Donate Now

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