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Why We're Here

When I was in second grade, I first heard of the plight of the Chinese baby girls in social studies class. It was shocking to hear that baby girls were unwanted and abandoned or murdered! I knew when I grew up, I had to adopt at least one “unwanted” child.


As a teenager, I began volunteering at Birthright and continued that work as an adult. I was a board member for Mend Crisis Pregnancy Center and did volunteer work for them as well as Crisis Pregnancy Outreach, an adoption agency in Tulsa. This volunteer work continued until we moved to Illinois in 2005.


Through the years, orphans have been dear to my heart. When the desperation of the Romanian orphans appeared on television eighteen years ago, Marshall and I were ready to go adopt one of them, but could not come up with the money needed at that time. It seemed so wrong that a couple willing to adopt a child desperately needing a family could not bring a child home because of the high cost of adoption.

In 2004, while I was driving my car and praying for the orphans, I asked God why someone doesn’t do something about the cost of adoption so more children could be adopted. God’s voice replied loud and clear, “Why don’t you?” I was surprised to hear His answer, and began to pray about what exactly He would have me do. A few days later, while I was driving and praying again, all of a sudden, God said, “In His Hands.” Then I knew He had just given me the name of the ministry He was calling me to. It made sense – “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”


For months, I prayed about how God wanted In His Hands to begin and for guidance on what exactly the ministry would do. I also spent numerous hours researching hundreds of adoption agencies and any information about adoption and orphans that I could find. God began to reveal His plan and continues to guide us as it unfolds.


Since In His Hands began, we have truly seen God work miracles – people who never considered adopting are now bringing children who long for a mom and dad into their families! For the children who have already joined their families – what a great blessing God has worked in these children’s lives! It is exciting to see God at work through In His Hands and we look forward to seeing what He does next.



Michelle Delhaute McGowan

Director, In His Hands Orphans Outreach

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